About Quantified Ketonian

My name is Justin Mitchell and I’m the man behind the blog.

I started this blog as a way to document my journey through ketosis as I attempt to fix my “undiagnosed” deranged metabolism. I am not a medical expert. I am not a ketogenic expert. And I am not a biology/chemistry/scientific expert. I’m just a guy trying to hack my way to better health.

My journey to the ketogenic lifestyle started several years ago when I was in graduate school at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and I got my 23andMe results (before the FDA changed everything). When I got my results, I discovered that I had 2 times the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes as the average population. As a healthy 20-something, I freaked out for a few days (because I was studying the public health side of Type 2 Diabetes at school and had learned about the basic biology and physiology of the disease in undergrad). So I began my journey down the rabbit hole of how to reduce my risk of diabetes in non-genetic ways (since that was already set in stone).

This led me to start on the Paleo diet the following year (after some craziness around grad school, a new baby, and moving to another state were all done) and to also start my self-tracking journey. I started weighing myself daily, measuring fasting glucose regularly, and really dialing in on my health numbers (got a bunch of labs done in a few months). I was starting to feel great. So I stopped tracking and just maintained a mostly Paleo lifestyle for a few years (I didn’t even weigh myself very often).

Fast forward to a few months ago… During that time, we moved closer to family, had another girl, bought a house, and I started working ridiculous hours at a startup (no longer at that startup).

As of a few months ago, my wife and I had been doing a mostly Paleo lifestyle for nearly 4 years, but I had somehow gained twenty pounds and all of it (and some) was fat. I was not in a healthy space. Looking back, I think that moving closer to family had led to much more unhealthy eating than I thought. We were probably only like 45% Paleo, even though I thought we were 80% Paleo (restaraunt food and family get-togethers always gets you).

I decided that I would try my personal lifestyle interventions again to see if I could fix the problem. I started biking to work and we started really dialing in our meals to meet the Paleo “requirements”.

As I did more research this time around though, I came across the ketogenic lifestyle (more specifically, the 2 Keto Dudes podcast) and decided this is where I needed to go (since they had both cured their diabetes with diet alone, as they like to say). After digging into the research, I decided it was time to transition to a more Keto way of life (man, it’s good to eat cheese again).

And this blog is my way of documenting my journey through ketosis, sprinkled with some personal health experiments along the way.

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